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Questions - fanoob - 05-03-2014

My first question Is that can I add new things in new points Menu? I saw a forum In which there was another option in the new points menu.

Here is the pic:-

[Image: 2q1z2oz.jpg]

How can I do that?

Another thing Is that I could not find the option where I can add items in a category. Where Is It? Confused

And my last question Is that whenever I install new points, no page shows up on the index page. I want to create a page named 'Item shop' on the nav bar but I don't know how as I'm a newbie. Please help.

RE: Questions - Diogo Parrinha - 05-04-2014

For the first question please do some search, I've posted the solution a few times already (most of the solutions are links to the first solution I posted I believe).

As for the second, you need to edit your templates (most likely header_welcomeblock_member).