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MyShoutBox 1.4.x - Kronos2712 - 03-13-2014

Hello to all, above all please excuse me for the language which will be certainly disastrous, I am not of English-speaking origin.

To start with, I have a myshoutbox 1.4.x and I would like to install a command to see to it to speak has certain people, for example the members of a staff.

The answer spells certainly there php but I like learning(teaching) thus, could you indicate me slowly how creating a script or commands for an example of " /team "

thank you.

RE: MyShoutBox 1.4.x - Diogo Parrinha - 03-13-2014

If you don't know how to code in PHP, I can't help you sorry, I'd basically have to do it myself in order for you to understand.