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Uninstalling NewPoints - shamzblueworld - 01-15-2014

First of all, I love this plugin and it served great. Now I have done some modifications to my forum so I no longer needed a currency there so I first deactivated the plugin then uninstalled, but the link in the admin panel was still showing, I clicked it and it was giving some sql error, which I didnt understood. Then via FTP I removed the newpoints folder from plugins directory, and now in the adminCP, it is still showing the newpoints link but showing that there is newpoints plugin, but when I click the plugins link in ACP, its all full of errors,
Warning [2] require_once(...hook.php): failed to open stream: no such file or directory. and another errors below this.
How can I get rid of this now? I just want to remove it from my MyBB?

Thank you

RE: Uninstalling NewPoints - Diogo Parrinha - 01-15-2014

Delete admin/modules/newpoints and you're done Smile

RE: Uninstalling NewPoints - shamzblueworld - 01-16-2014

Thank you, it has removed the newpoints tab from ACP but I am still getting the same errors when I click on Plugins in ACP.

RE: Uninstalling NewPoints - Diogo Parrinha - 01-16-2014

Did you delete the newpoints.php file from the plugins folder?

RE: Uninstalling NewPoints - shamzblueworld - 01-17-2014

Forgot about that! Done, its solved now. Thank you very much.