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Gamurs - The Ultimate Gaming Social Network - The Elite - 12-20-2013

Gamurs is a gaming social network developed for all gamers around the world. It has been in development for the past week, with thousands of dollars invested into site infrastructure and feature integration. We have written thousands of lines of code to perfect our systems for each user.

Gamurs is free and always will be, the site includes countless features such as:
- Interactive profiles with user following/friends/tagged photos/wall posts
- Events system with private sections
- Gallery system with comments/likes/tagging/banning
- Instant messaging system
- Custom notifications system
- Interactive forums system
- Gamehub system (connecting your RS/Xbox/Steam [PS3 soon] accounts)
- Achievements and ranking system
- Leveling system
- News feed system
- Questions/Answers system with upvoting/downvoting and searching

Coming soon:
- Marketplace system
- Private groups system
- Topranking system
and a lot more.
The site includes many more features including competitions, tl;dr's for threads, interests systems, trending activity and more. Check it out at Signing up takes a few seconds.


Nudges (notifications)
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