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Shop Plugin Help - SpartanNova - 11-23-2013

I made a category with items that some users bought from it.
After realizing that the icons were too large, i deleted the category thinking that the shop items would also delete themselves but they didn't.

What can i do to delete the items bought by users?

RE: Shop Plugin Help - Diogo Parrinha - 11-24-2013

You need to edit the inventory of the user by going to their profile and click edit invetory.

RE: Shop Plugin Help - SpartanNova - 11-24-2013

It says "Options not available". And when i send or sell the item to an automated account it says "Category not available".

RE: Shop Plugin Help - Diogo Parrinha - 11-25-2013

Oh well, then you can't do anything..

RE: Shop Plugin Help - SpartanNova - 11-25-2013

Thanks for your help Pirata Nervo Big Grin

I hope in the next update of the shop you will add a "Delete items" on a user's inventory.