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Why did you subscribe? - Diogo Parrinha - 01-13-2013


I'm creating this poll so I get a clear view of how many users subscribed to receive support and how many users subscribe to actually download our paid plugins.

Please participate! Thank you.

RE: Why did you subscribe? - Andra┼ż Rihtar - 01-14-2013

I choose to vote for exclusive plugins option, but I've subscribed for both. Most of the time I don't need any support, but when I do I like it to be on the level.

RE: Why did you subscribe? - TaylorCTU - 01-14-2013

Well as far as the plugins go I only use one which I got with my one month membership. So I guess it would be the support I like the most, but I really wanted to support this great site. Hope the site keeps going strong and keep the plugins coming!

RE: Why did you subscribe? - Kenny - 01-15-2013

I`ve voted for plugins too. In some special cases i need some support. But i want to support this site, like Taylor, with my subscription. Smile

RE: Why did you subscribe? - Glas - 01-15-2013

I've voted for the exclusive plugins, the quality of them are damn too good but the support has been top quality too!

RE: Why did you subscribe? - Diogo Parrinha - 01-15-2013

Good to hear your opinions. I'd just like to clarify that you can vote both, if you believe that's the case.

RE: Why did you subscribe? - thedude - 01-22-2013

It was both for me, but the need for MySubscriptions plugin is what made me do it. The support has also been given in a very professional and timely manner. I have learned quite a great deal from this site, so I will continue to support it...Thank you Pirata!

RE: Why did you subscribe? - Xeronations - 01-23-2013

I started with hiring you for some custom plugins, and I was very satisfied with your support and work ethic. I figured that I'd purchase a subscription to support you. The exclusive plugins don't hurt either. Tongue

RE: Why did you subscribe? - Omar G. - 01-24-2013

I subscribed because of the two exclusive plugins in your site (MyDownloads and MyAchievements). Can't say I regret it.

RE: Why did you subscribe? - euantor - 01-27-2013

Mostly for MyAchievements really.