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OUGC Show Avatar (2.0) - Omar G. - 11-15-2012

Everyone can download this plugin but only subscribers can reply to this thread and get support. Click here to subscribe.

Show last poster's avatar in forum index and forum display pages.

  1. Upload the content of the "upload" folder to your MyBB root folder.
  2. Go to ACP -> Configuration -> Plugins and activate the plugin.
  3. Edit general settings from "ACP -> Configuration -> OUGC Show Avatar".
  4. Enjoy!

1.x => 2.0
  1. Deactivate/Uninstall old plugin (template edits related to this plugin will get lost).
  2. Upload new files.
  3. Install new plugin.
  4. Done.

Change Log
1.0 => 1.1
  1. Optimization: Code optimization.
  2. Now requires PluginLibrary uploaded to your forum.
  3. Setting: Now you can select which groups can use this feature.


Plugin is attached to this post.

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