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MyBBShop + Subscription. - Elegant Totality - 06-02-2012

I sent an email a few days ago via that Contact link including my two paypal email addresses and requesting a copy of MyAchievements since I bought one using MyBBShop or ShopMyBB, or whatever it was when it was online. I was simply wondering if you got that email or if you had checked your emails since then.

RE: MyBBShop + Subscription. - Diogo Parrinha - 06-02-2012

I got it and replied. This is what I received:
Quote:I'm not sure which paypal I used, so either of the following could be correct:


And I'm sure that my username was Elegant Totality. If that is not the username that one of the following must be it:

I replied: "I don't understand what you're trying to ask so please elaborate". You didn't mention ShopMyBB anywhere. Please contact Imad Jooma and ask him for a verification from him (tell him to send me a PM please).

RE: MyBBShop + Subscription. - Elegant Totality - 06-03-2012

My apologies. It must have been a late night for me. I'm not used to working as many hours as I've been lately. I've sent him a PM on the MyBB Community forums. Thank you for your reply.

RE: MyBBShop + Subscription. - Diogo Parrinha - 06-03-2012

Alright, I'll be waiting his confirmation.