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Lowseling Design - Lowseling - 05-01-2012

Hello everyone,

Excuse for my english but I'm italian. Today I show you my MyBB Forum. In this forum I sell MyBB themes and I help the users to use MyBB.

The forum include this Pirata Nervo's plugins:
- MyDownloads
- MyShoutbox

Link to the forum:

Enjoy! Smile

RE: Lowseling Design - Omar G. - 05-03-2012

I don't like the front page, it is just too plain.

But the forum seems good. You should add more describing titles and content too.

RE: Lowseling Design - Lowseling - 05-04-2012

Thanks for the advice Smile The home page is currently only a draft because I must change!

RE: Lowseling Design - - 06-16-2012

the color theme is not attractive, make it more catchy ^^