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[Request]Pay per show - duytuan2002 - 04-08-2012

I need the plugin with newpoint the same spoiler tag but Content will hide until user pay some point to show.

When User click to show content, he could pay to show. If he is not enough points, he only get the messege "you not enough point to show content", else, he will lost the point same in pay tag and can view content, and post owner will receive the point in the pay tag.

I think plugin show that
[paytoshow=200] content[/paytoshow]
200 is the point he pay to show content
Could you develop it?

RE: [Request]Pay per show - emir.yanliz - 08-07-2012


RE: [Request]Pay per show - nininho2000 - 08-07-2012

Up \o/ \o/ o/

RE: [Request]Pay per show - Narzew - 08-10-2012

I need same script. It's a way to get it?

RE: [Request]Pay per show - cichociemny - 09-03-2012

great idea, i need same scrpit Smile

RE: [Request]Pay per show - h3x3n - 12-31-2012

Great idea.

RE: [Request]Pay per show - JmVD - 07-05-2014

I Need the same Plugin... someone can help us?

RE: [Request]Pay per show - Karmah - 07-07-2014

Read here:

RE: [Request]Pay per show - bananoke - 12-23-2014

cool idea, will admin do something like that?

RE: [Request]Pay per show - bananoke - 09-20-2015

bump - will this be created for 1.6.*?