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RE: [Plugin] Buy Format - z0mbie - 03-31-2013

it say pluginlibrary not installed but i install the last..

RE: [Plugin] Buy Format - Omar G. - 04-02-2013

Let me check it myself.

RE: [Plugin] Buy Format - Dissociation - 04-02-2013

(04-02-2013, 02:04 PM)Sama34 Wrote: Let me check it myself.

Please do and get back to me, thanks!

RE: [Plugin] Buy Format - TheSpeedyFeed - 04-17-2013

Is there a way you could integrate this into the Shop 1.7 Plugin?

RE: [Plugin] Buy Format - Omar G. - 04-18-2013

If you mean to allow users to buy username styles thought the shop system, then no, it is not possible.

RE: [Plugin] Buy Format - jirayu16563 - 04-20-2013

I found that PluginLibrary is not require an activation and Buy User format check if PL is installed with a constant "PLUGINLIBRARY" which I don't see it's declared.

I'm not similar with MyBB plugin architecture. but it seem something wrong here?

RE: [Plugin] Buy Format - TheSpeedyFeed - 04-24-2013

When someone tried to buy a username it didn't change.

RE: [Plugin] Buy Format - Omar G. - 04-25-2013

You can't buy usernames with this.

RE: [Plugin] Buy Format - TheSpeedyFeed - 04-25-2013

(04-25-2013, 12:38 PM)Sama34 Wrote: You can't buy usernames with this.
I mean't formats Tongue

RE: [Plugin] Buy Format - Omar G. - 04-26-2013

Did you applied the core edits required for the plugin to work? You can see the links below the plugin information in the NewPoints plugins page.