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[Plugin] Pay Per Comment - Omar G. - 02-20-2012

This plugin is no longer supported.

This plugin is intend to try and remove points to all users by each comment they send using the Profile Comments plugin.

Unfortunately, the plugin doesn't provide any hook for this, so it is "intended to" without any warranty (maybe the plugin provides a way to do it better, which I don't know about).

As a additional, the plugin will try to block users from commenting in their own profiles (something I hate about the plugin is the ability to comment in your own profile >_>).

  • Enable Disable.
  • Block from sending comments if no enough points.
  • Points to remove (using a negative sign (-) will result in addition instead of subtraction).
  • Enable/disable self comments in self profiles.

  • Upload the content of the "Upload" folder to the root of your forum.
  • Activate the plugin from ACP -> Newpoints -> Plugins
  • Modify the settings and activate the plugin in ACP -> Newpoints -> Settings
  • Enjoy!!


RE: [Plugin] Pay Per Comment - Diogo Parrinha - 02-20-2012


RE: [Plugin] Pay Per Comment - davidedison - 05-02-2012

Thanks Sama! Great plugin.

RE: [Plugin] Pay Per Comment - Lowseling - 05-02-2012

Great plugin, congratulations! Smile

RE: [Plugin] Pay Per Comment - Omar G. - 05-03-2012

Thanks, also I think this doesn't work if the ajax feature in the profile comments plugin is active.

Hope somebody takes development since I think author drop mybb related stuff from his life, so the new coder choose to add some hooks around the plugin.

RE: [Plugin] Pay Per Comment - Mantis - 05-10-2012

This works great, and yes, it doesn't work if the AJAX feature is enabled, but then again the AJAX feature was causing errors for me. So I'd recommend disabling it anyway. What would you say is the best way of informing members that points will be deducted if they post comments?

RE: [Plugin] Pay Per Comment - Omar G. - 05-10-2012

@Mantis, To be honest, IDK. I would post a thread in some of my forums, users will no see any message unless they have no enough points anyways Smile

RE: [Plugin] Pay Per Comment - hady - 07-30-2013

It seems that this plugin is not compatible with Newpoints version 1.9.8

RE: [Plugin] Pay Per Comment - Joseahfer - 08-21-2013

(07-30-2013, 04:19 PM)hady Wrote: It seems that this plugin is not compatible with Newpoints version 1.9.8

Hope you understand me best, since I am using a translator, to be Spanish.
To solve your problem, you should go and edit the file inc/plugins/newpoints/newpoints_paypercomment.php

Search the archives:
        'name'            => $lang->paypercomment_acp_title,
        'description'    => $desc,
        'website'        => '',
        'author'        => 'Omar G.',
        'authorsite'    => '',
        'version'        => '1.0',
        'compatibility'    => '16*',
        'codename'        => 'paypercomment',
And replace by:
        'name'            => $lang->paypercomment_acp_title,
        'description'    => $desc,
        'website'        => '',
        'author'        => 'Omar G.',
        'authorsite'    => '',
        'version'        => '1.0',
        'codename'        => 'paypercomment',
        "guid"             => "",
        "compatibility" => "1*",
Hope you served, sorry to use a translator.

RE: [Plugin] Pay Per Comment - Zaehlas - 10-18-2013

Is it possible, with the right settings, to setup this plugin to only act upon specific categories / forums?

It sounds like exactly what I am trying to setup on my boards, but I have several sections that I don't want to have any point interaction, and one section that I want to charge one point per post, reply or new thread.

Please help?