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[Plugin] Quick Edit - Omar G. - 02-18-2012

Quickly edit user's points without accessing to the ACP.

  • This plugin only uses one "on/off" settings, for deactivating without losing your templates.
  • This plugin allows only Administrators and Global Moderators to edit points, no one else.
  • Global Moderators can't edit own points.
  • Formated points just because we like nice details.
  • Edit link in users posts and profiles.
  • Newpoints alike page.
  • 1.1+ Ability to remove users items.
  • 1.1+ Ability to edit users banck points (donĀ“t edit if want to keep intact).

  1. Upload the content of the "upload" folder to your MyBB root folder.
  2. Go to ACP -> Newpoints -> Plugins and activate the plugin.
  3. Edit general settings from "ACP -> Newpoints -> Settings -> Main Settings"".
  4. Enjoy!

1.0 => 1.1
  1. Uninstall any old version of this plugin.
  2. Do installation steps.

1.0 => 1.0.1
  1. Upload the content of the "upload" folder into your forum root.
  2. No need to do anything else.

Change Log
1.0 => 1.1
  • Feature: Added feature to edit user's shop items as well as back points.

1.0 => 1.0.1
  • Bug: Fixed bug that blocked access to the newpoints home page.

How to:
To edit points, just enter the points you want to add/remove into the text box WITHOUT ANY SIGN (-, +, etc..), select the add or remove button, then press the "go" button, you will now be redirected to the post (if you came from a post) or to the user's profile.

This plugin add three new templates (outdated inbformation):
newpoints_quickedit, newpoints_quickedit_postbit, newpoints_quickedit_profile

Ad modifies two already exiting newpoints templates:
newpoints_postbit, newpoints_profile


Right after:


Plugin is attached to this post.

Bug Reports

RE: [Plugin]Quick Edit - Diogo Parrinha - 02-18-2012

Stuck your threads. Many thanks for contributing to the project!

RE: [Plugin]Quick Edit - Omar G. - 02-19-2012

Thanks to you, I have one another plugin in mind, maybe will write it this week or next, great plugin of your Pirata Nervo!

RE: [Plugin]Quick Edit - Somnium Shadow - 02-20-2012

Would love to have this! Is there a download for it? It says that you have to upload files, but there's no downloadable attachment that I can see. Unless of course I completely missed something, which is possible.

RE: [Plugin]Quick Edit - Diogo Parrinha - 02-20-2012

I'm missing that thing too I guess

RE: [Plugin]Quick Edit - Omar G. - 02-20-2012

I think I was in a rush or something. Try now and sorry about that.

RE: [Plugin] Quick Edit 1.0.1 - Omar G. - 02-28-2012

Version 1.0.1 is out, it fixes a problem with the plugin blocking access to the newpoints home page, just upload the new files and that is it.

RE: [Plugin] Quick Edit 1.0.1 - Omar G. - 04-07-2012

Plugin updated.

Now you can remove shop items as well as edit banck points.

RE: [Plugin] Quick Edit 1.1 - xexes255 - 04-09-2012

Thank you, so much for this, I really appreciate it and your quality is quite good!

Just a note that when you go to delete an item and a user has more than one of that item, it only deletes one of the item, not all of them. That is, if a user has 5 apples and you click the checkmark to delete the item, it removes 1 apple so there are 4 left.

There's no bug here - I just wanted to clarify how this part worked, I was hoping it would work this way.

Thank you!

RE: [Plugin] Quick Edit 1.1 - Omar G. - 04-10-2012

Yes, that is how it works, I merely *copied* the Shop Plugin code.