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Update Suggestion - BleepyEvans - 10-13-2011

Because your plugins dont use the plugin system, you cant tell when a new update is released without coming to your site to check.

How hard would it be to code a update notification in the plugins description on the plugin page.
Then have it linking to a basic script that you just have telling the sites what the current version is ... etc etc.


RE: Update Suggestion - Omar G. - 10-13-2011

MyBB 1.6.5 will include a facility for authors to do this, I think...

Maybe when it comes Pirata Nervo can use it Smile

RE: Update Suggestion - Diogo Parrinha - 10-13-2011

Previously I used my own (called Plugin Checker - see the 1.4 forum here) but since 1.6.5 should (not sure if it had been deferred to 1.6.6) include a feature for us to do it, I won't bother updating the Plugin Checker Tongue