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Suggestion!!! - Bounty Killer - 09-20-2011

I think since you have a user group legend you should use the username style plugin or make your own for some style on the index. Smile

RE: Suggestion!!! - Diogo Parrinha - 09-21-2011

What exactly do you mean? Sorry I do not understand.

RE: Suggestion!!! - Shukaku - 09-21-2011

He's meaning about the plugin that stylises usernames on the forum index and forum display. There is no purpose to it as it requires a code edit posted by Yaldaram to work properly.

RE: Suggestion!!! - Bounty Killer - 09-21-2011

No dont use Yaldarams if you need to edit it. Im using a totally different plugin that works fine. Just a suggestion to show the color of the users group on the last post on the index. Get it?

RE: Suggestion!!! - Diogo Parrinha - 09-22-2011

If this is the plugin you're talking about:

Then I can assure you that, in order to be done properly without affecting much your website performance, you need a lot of code edits.

RE: Suggestion!!! - Bounty Killer - 09-22-2011

There is another plugin called Username Style 1.2 Created by Lukasz "LukasAMD" Tkacz... It works fine. Edits not needed. It would be cool on your forum is what im saying.

RE: Suggestion!!! - Diogo Parrinha - 09-22-2011

Then it most likely adds a lot of load onto your forum...can you please provide me a link to it?