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Betting Addon - BleepyEvans - 06-05-2011

Just wondering if anyone sees anything in a Betting Plugin for NewPoints. Allowing certain usergroups to create bets with custom stakes, odds etc. Then other users place their bets and depending on the result the points are paid out.

The idea came from a story at yahoo in which a guy who won 26 bets in a row at this years french tennis open. Starting with £8,000 and finishing with £160,000 in less than 2 months. Shame he lost £120,000 when betting on Djokovic to beat Federer at odds of 1/3.

The main problem is this plugin is if someone creates a bet on something in the real world, example a tennis game. Then he would have to choose the winning bet.

RE: Betting Addon - Diogo Parrinha - 06-05-2011

I've thought about this, I guess I'd have some fun making it.

RE: Betting Addon - mask267 - 06-16-2011

yes!!!!!!!! Please do it! that would be great!

RE: Betting Addon - eXcecution3r - 07-02-2011

This would be a great addition to NewPoints Smile

RE: Betting Addon - StealthHawk - 08-10-2011

I'd love this plugin for my site!

RE: Betting Addon - nikacomp - 03-10-2012

Great if exist !

RE: Betting Addon - bobbrown99 - 03-25-2012

Would be a great idea!

RE: Betting Addon - Glas - 03-25-2012

Many junior members spam, honestly i think MyRPG would be better... but meh

RE: Betting Addon - Eron - 04-03-2012

It would be nice if there were to NewPoints! Or already there?

RE: Betting Addon - demohein - 08-16-2012

Hi, Pirata Nervo

Any update with this addon. It is really nice and i want to have it. Thanks