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*New ReaderOnline* SekaiManga - Gypaete - 05-13-2011

Hi, my forum is SekaiManga, is one forum of Anime and Manga, logically by name.
My forum, has all forums, which divide by genres. (World Shonen, Shoujo,. . . etc)
And i dont know which more say, but my forum is the best! xD

We have one lector online for our mangas, ( the mangas, by our Scantrad obviously xD) Powered by me =D

Visit it!

RE: SekaiManga - Gypaete - 05-25-2011

No critical?

RE: SekaiManga - Diogo Parrinha - 05-26-2011

Well it's Spanish so you may not receive many comments. It's a nice design/layout for a manga website even though it could be a little bit better. There's a big contrast between colours imo

RE: SekaiManga - Gypaete - 05-26-2011

Yes, I know, but I am doing a new design much better and much better for to my forum.

This theme will be the best!!

RE: SekaiManga - Diogo Parrinha - 05-27-2011

IMO means in my opinion

RE: SekaiManga - Gypaete - 07-26-2011

Look the new desing: Big Grin

RE: SekaiManga - Gypaete - 07-28-2011

New System DD:
¿You like then, Pirata Nervo?

RE: SekaiManga - Diogo Parrinha - 07-28-2011

Not sure what it is. But stop bumping this thread please. Please will reply if they find it interesting

RE: SekaiManga - Omar G. - 07-28-2011

I have always found your forum overloaded and you have to remember 1024x768 is the most used screen display.

Tthe new DD (direct download? - descarga directa) system is cool, I like it Gypaete Big Grin

RE: SekaiManga - zero_coke - 08-01-2011

What is this -> Estadísticas - Recargar? Is it a plugin that shows most recent threads?