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ImprovCMS Forums - Shukaku - 04-14-2011

The community forums for an upcoming CMS software called Improv.


RE: ImprovCMS Forums - Shukaku - 04-26-2011

Any suggestions??

RE: ImprovCMS Forums - Diogo Parrinha - 04-26-2011

Well, hmm apart from you being using a MyBB theme which is being used by many other websites, I can't find anything wrong.

RE: ImprovCMS Forums - Shukaku - 04-28-2011

Yeah, for now as we're so small, I'll be using that theme. When we've release Beta 1, the theme will be changed to a custom one Big Grin

RE: ImprovCMS Forums - Gypaete - 05-01-2011

I don't like that theme.

RE: ImprovCMS Forums - Shukaku - 05-01-2011

It's only temporary anyway.