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My Plazaaaaaaaa - stop4chili - 08-15-2008

So when are you putting My Plaza back up?
And, since it is down, are we still getting (.)(.)'s?

RE: My Plazaaaaaaaa - Diogo Parrinha - 08-15-2008

tell zinga burga to update it.
anyway I am making a modification which will allow us to set the username color, font and bold, strike, underline, overline for free via user cp.
it will use much less queries than the old modification did.
Switch to the flame theme and go to user cp -> profile -> user formatting, the template is done and the functions are almost ready

RE: My Plazaaaaaaaa - stop4chili - 08-23-2008

So how do I tell zinda burga? I'm losing out on (.)(.)'s!

RE: My Plazaaaaaaaa - Diogo Parrinha - 08-23-2008

i dont think he is going to make it only because you want it Tongue

RE: My Plazaaaaaaaa - stop4chili - 08-23-2008

Well you told me to tell him! I'm only trying to get things going. Plus, everyone likes (.)(.)'s so he is missing out, too!

RE: My Plazaaaaaaaa - dBOMB90 - 08-23-2008

lol ill rob ur boobies

RE: My Plazaaaaaaaa - stop4chili - 08-24-2008

(08-23-2008, 03:49 PM)dBOMB90 Wrote: lol ill rob ur boobies

WHy! I need my boobies!

RE: My Plazaaaaaaaa - xchipxrobx - 08-24-2008

everyone misses myplaza

RE: My Plazaaaaaaaa - CO_ol - 08-24-2008

Miss my (.)(.)! LMAO!!! Big Grin

RE: My Plazaaaaaaaa - stop4chili - 09-02-2008

So any news yet?