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Extended Buddy System ¿1.6? - Torrecus - 01-18-2011

I'm just registering at your site because I'll like to install that great plugin, but before to continue to a paid subscription, I'll like to know if that plugin can be used in the 1.6 version, changing the compatibility in the php.


RE: Extended Buddy System ¿1.6? - Diogo Parrinha - 01-19-2011

Probably yes, probably not. I haven't tested it (most probably won't work, I don't know). I do not plan to port it either, so if you're subscribing just for that plugin, don't subscribe.

RE: Extended Buddy System ¿1.6? - Torrecus - 01-19-2011

Ok, but you were planning to make the next version, weren't you? Did you change your mind about it?

RE: Extended Buddy System ¿1.6? - Diogo Parrinha - 01-20-2011

No, this was one of the plugins I didn't plan to port since some of its features are included in MyBB 1.6 and in other MyBB 1.6 plugins

RE: Extended Buddy System ¿1.6? - Xsniper1000 - 01-20-2011

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