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RE: [Release] NewPoints Subscriptions 1.1.1 - Diogo Parrinha - 11-16-2012

Important update (1.1.1): fixes a bug that wouldn't expire additional subscriptions properly.
When upgrading from 1.1 to 1.1.1, you must manually remove users from their additional subscriptions that have expired. This is because there was a bug in 1.0 and 1.1 that wouldn't move the users even though the subscriptions had expired.

RE: [Release] NewPoints Subscriptions 1.1.1 - crazy4cs - 11-25-2012

Pirata, this still doesn't seem to be removing them. I've couple of groups on my site, so it's possible that if this is not the display/is display group, it might be affecting. The PMs are sent, but the people aren't being removed.

RE: [Release] NewPoints Subscriptions 1.1.1 - Diogo Parrinha - 11-25-2012

You're totally correct. There were two problems in the same line and I only fixed one it seems. v1.1.2 is up

Thank you for reporting that issue.

RE: [Release] NewPoints Subscriptions 1.1.2 - crazy4cs - 11-25-2012


I'll observe it now.

RE: [Release] Subscriptions 1.1.2 - zero5854 - 02-03-2013

ok so I got this working and all but SINCE I see you have to use it so that when a user subscribes it has to be his secondary usergroup as in they now have two user groups...its causing a conflict.....

Say I have it setup so regular members cannot change their signature until they have 5 posts. Say that same member subscribes and becomes a subscriber (secondary group).... now lies the problem....even though subscribers group does not need to have 5 posts to edit signature its still not allowing them too because its pulling permissions from primary group "registered users" how to fix this? thaks

RE: [Release] Subscriptions 1.1.2 - Diogo Parrinha - 02-03-2013

Hmm what about setting it as primary??

RE: [Release] Subscriptions 1.1.2 - zero5854 - 02-03-2013

because I saw posts here that said it didnt work if u set them to primary?

RE: [Release] Subscriptions 1.1.2 - Diogo Parrinha - 02-03-2013

Of course it works, that's why it exists. Secondary/Additional is supposed to be used as an upgrade to an existing plan. (i.e. imagine I buy Premium and want to upgrade to Gold. Instead of overriding my subscription, I just extend it by buying the Additional/Secondary plan).

RE: [Release] Subscriptions 1.1.2 - zero5854 - 02-03-2013

ok so I set the usergroup as premium member for primary and registered group for secondary. Shouldnt the primary usergroup override the secondary group? I have this set this way so after a year if they dont re subscribe they go back to regular members. Any ideas? OR should I just set them as only Premium members for primary group and have that group expire after a year and have the user re subscribe?

EDIT so using the plugin will they automatically go back to Registered Users after the time frame I setup or does this have to be done manually?

RE: [Release] Subscriptions 1.1.2 - Diogo Parrinha - 02-03-2013

I'm confused. This plugin allows you users to buy "entrance" to another group. After the period of time expires they're taken back to their original group.