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MyDownloads 2.2.1 - Diogo Parrinha - 08-12-2010

Only paid subscribers can download plugins from this forum.

[Image: mydownloadsmini.png]

MyDownloads is a powerful downloads manager for MyBB.

Main Features:
  • Administrators can create/edit/delete categories/downloads and manage new download submissions.
  • Downloads can be reported (e.g. for copyright violation) and admins can read those reports and act depending on the situation.
  • Supports PayPal: items can be purchased with PayPal and the money may go either to an admin account or to the author of the item.
  • Each category has its own permissions (visible to certain user groups, only certain user groups can download and only certain user groups can submit downloads in that category)
  • There's no limit for sub categories - it works the same way MyBB does I think.
  • Users can rate and comment downloads.
  • Ratings/Downloads/Comments are logged and administrators can view that log from the Admin panel.
  • Has compatibility with NewPoints - there's a setting you can turn on (make sure you have NewPoints installed) to bridge NP and MyDownloads. Users/Admins can then set a cost for each download and users must pay to download files (cost can be 0). The money paid by the users is given to the author of the download.
  • Each download can have a preview.
  • Users can manage their submissions (edit/delete).
  • 34 settings at your disposal.
and much much more..


[Image:] [Image:]

[Image:] [Image:]

[Image:] [Image:]

[Image:] [Image:]

[Image:] [Image:]

Please read the documentation.

Our EULA can be found here.

Download is attached to this post.

Change Log
2.2 -> 2.2.1
  • Fixed possible problem that would occur when purchasing an item which doesn't have a unique name.
  • mydownloads_price_row template wasn't being added on activation.
  • Fixed bug in submit download.

2.1.6 -> 2.2
  • Administrators are now able to allow users to enter their PayPal address when submitting downloads.
  • The payments will be sent to the authors of the downloads.

2.1.5-> 2.1.6
  • Fixed an incompatibility problem with MyBB 1.6.6
  • Fixes an SQL error on some MySQL installations.

2.1.4 -> 2.1.5
  • Fixed a problem in the categories drop down box that happened when editing a download.
  • When someone's username is changed, the entries in the downloads table are also updated with the new usernames.
  • Added quick edit and delete button to item reports.

2.1.3 -> 2.1.4
  • Fixed wrong category name when browsing a category in certain circumstances.
  • Fixed missing username in some log entries (only new entries are fixed).

2.1.2 -> 2.1.3
  • Fixed problem in sub categories listing.
  • Fixed td background problem in the first points cell when browsing a category.

2.1.1 -> 2.1.2
  • Fixed invalid download name when paying with PayPal.

2.1 -> 2.1.1
  • Fixed td background problem.
  • Fixed points showing price field when editing submission.
  • Fixed problem where preview and download files would be deleted (if auto approval is enabled for our usergroup) and they're left empty when editing a submission.
  • Fixed a bug which would let guests report downloads.

2.0 -> 2.1
  • Fixed bug in submissions shown in postbit.
  • Re-wrote the entire tree view algorithm (should work perfectly well now...)
  • When no downloads have been submitted, a message is displayed in the box on portal/index.

1.9.1 -> 2.0
  • Users can now view their submissions.
  • Users can now edit their submissions.
  • Report download link has been added as well as ACP page for reported downloads.
  • A setting has been added which allows admins to choose to have a box in portal and/or index which shows the latest X downloads.
  • A setting has been added which allows admin to choose if users can view items that have been updated but are awaiting approval.
  • Several performance improvements have been made.
  • Fixed bug in categories tree, which would allow users to put cat parent as the self category.
  • Optional link in profile for "My Download Submissions".
  • Optional postbit link for "My Download Submissions".
  • Fixed XSS security issue in Logs.
  • Fixed bugs in the Log system.
  • Images now have a download button like regular files instead of the link "Download Image".

(for older versions please read the changelog.txt file that comes with the zip)

The package icon on the product box was downloaded from FreeIconsWeb

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