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Link Directory Request - StealthHawk - 07-25-2010


I would like to see a link directory plugin with the following features:
  • Categories with optional subcategories
  • Premium links (payable via Paypal or maybe NewPoints)
  • A way to show the latest links on the home page.

Thanks for considering my request,
Nathan P.

RE: Link Directory Request - Diogo Parrinha - 07-25-2010

It is a nice idea but right now I have other priorities, there are plugins that I need to port to 1.6 and plugins that I need to finish yet.

RE: Link Directory Request - ccalby - 07-26-2010

Once you have that done Pirata, I think this would be a good mod Wink

RE: Link Directory Request - Diogo Parrinha - 07-29-2010

You can try this: