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Changing Buttons - Disciple of Nagash - 05-17-2010

Well I thought I would give the priority support a whirl on here now I have my nice ne shiny subscription Big Grin

If you visit my site (, you can see I have custom buttons.

However I do not know how to change the buttons at the bottom of the quick reply and new reply, the ones that state "Post Thread" "Post" "Preview Post" etc

Can anyone advise how to change these so the look like my other buttons?



RE: Changing Buttons - Diogo Parrinha - 05-18-2010

You must edit the newthread and newreply templates and change the style of the button

RE: Changing Buttons - Disciple of Nagash - 05-18-2010

Hmm, I'm having trouble finding which bit in particular, could you advise where I should find that specific coding?

RE: Changing Buttons - Diogo Parrinha - 05-19-2010

the <input type="button"...> part, add a style="background-image: url(imageurlhere)" inside