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[Release] MyTube - euantor - 05-15-2010

Name: MyTube
Description: Basically, it's a youtube module for member profiles.


Version: 1.0

Compatibility: * (all)

Adds files: None

Changes files: None

Adds templates: {$mytube}

Changes templates: Member_Profile

Adds to database: Some stuff ;D


[Image: 53a8u9.png]

Other: To use MyTube, just add the URL of the video you wish to use to your profile. Do this via Edit Your Details.

RE: [Release] MyTube - Diogo Parrinha - 05-15-2010

Nice, does it support multiple videos?

RE: [Release] MyTube - euantor - 05-15-2010

Not at the minute, no. The idea is mostly so that users can put the music video to their favorite song there Smile You ould always change the code to support playlists too quite easily (just do it in the global template "mytube")

RE: [Release] MyTube - Diogo Parrinha - 05-15-2010

A multi video plugin would be great too, perhaps allow admins to set a limit in the settings as well. Wouldn't be hard to code

RE: [Release] MyTube - euantor - 05-15-2010

Yeah, I'll give it a go Big Grin Good idea man.

RE: [Release] MyTube - Winford F. - 05-15-2010

Not bad. It's also a nice way to get more views.

RE: [Release] MyTube - euantor - 05-31-2010

Updated the first post with a new version that fixes the video size and allows you to use the full youtube URL rather than just the video ID.

RE: [Release] MyTube - Diogo Parrinha - 06-01-2010

Okay thank you Smile

RE: [Release] MyTube - euantor - 06-02-2010

No problem Pirata Big Grin