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Community Threads For MyPlaza Turbo? - Seeker - 05-07-2010

I don't see a "New threads" button in the MyPlaza Turbo section, obviously you are no longer supporting or wanting endless questions.
Can people still post somewhere with "Community Threads" to help each other?

For example:
Updating any items gives this error in the admin section (php5.3+)
Quote:Warning [2] substr() expects parameter 2 to be long, string given - Line: 1187 - File: inc/myplaza/inventory_admin_plugin.php PHP 5.3.1 (Linux)

How to fix (suppress) the php5.3 bug in MyPlaza Turbo Inventory Items Admin:

Step 1)
line 1187 find
PHP Code:
    if(($item['includefile'] == 'inventory' && ($item['idname'] == 'inventory_item') || ($mybb->settings['mycompany_bridge_inventory'] == MY_YES && substr('/mycompany_item_/'$item['idname'])))) 
replace with
PHP Code:
    if(($item['includefile'] == 'inventory' && ($item['idname'] == 'inventory_item') || ($mybb->settings['mycompany_bridge_inventory'] == MY_YES && @substr('/mycompany_item_/'$item['idname'])))) 

Step 2)
There are two more lines just below where you can add @ before 'substr'
FYI: This suppresses the errors, if I find out a better way to fix, then I will update.

Can we still get a tiny little sub-forum for MyPlaza Turbo? Smile

RE: Community Threads For MyPlaza Turbo? - Diogo Parrinha - 05-07-2010

No, the MyPlaza Turbo forum is closed because I do not want to give support for it.
Simple as that Smile