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[Theme] Simply Clean - Trinit - 04-12-2010

Version: 2
Version mybb: 1.4x
Name: Simply Clean
Description: I did a modification of my site theme ( ) and I'm releasing it here. You can edit it as you want. Inside there's the PSD logo.

[Image: 107npfc.png]

RE: Simply Clean - Diogo Parrinha - 04-13-2010

It's very nice but the border should not be too wider

RE: Simply Clean - Trinit - 04-13-2010

OH! i didn't notice that! thanks

RE: [Theme] Simply Clean - Trinit - 04-19-2010

Thread upgraded

RE: [Theme] Simply Clean - Diogo Parrinha - 04-20-2010

Looks much better now Smile

RE: [Theme] Simply Clean - Trinit - 04-20-2010

Thanks Big GrinDDD

RE: [Theme] Simply Clean - D-X69 - 04-26-2010

Good work, very clean and neat theme. Smile

RE: [Theme] Simply Clean - Trinit - 04-26-2010

Ty! Is a modification of my homepage wp theme, but i had to rewrite everything css and xhtml because it didn't work with mybb, I don't know why.. so i posted it

RE: [Theme] Simply Clean - habs - 04-26-2010

Like this! Very simple = Lite = Easy to load Smile