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[Theme] AS ROMA - Trinit - 04-01-2010

Version: 1
Versione mybb compatible: 1.4x
Author: Trinit
[Image: 2i0ssab.png]
Description: This is my first theme, I did it editing the default one. A.S. Roma is my favourite football team.


RE: [Theme] AS ROMA - Diogo Parrinha - 04-02-2010

Cool, I like it Tongue

RE: [Theme] AS ROMA - Trinit - 04-02-2010

Thank you Wink

RE: [Theme] AS ROMA - Trinit - 04-05-2010
Avaible here

RE: [Theme] AS ROMA - Joneswilliamsc - 06-07-2010

Yes, Its looking so cool as well as awesome too. I like this theme. Well the background with grass its really looking fine. It eye-snatching. And the background with lining also looking fine.