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RE: [Release] Shop 1.7 - SAEED.M - 12-27-2013

I upgrade to shop 1.7 ...

But remains Point yet is negative! (after upgrade!) Sad

How can i fix them?

i buy a item and my remains points was negative! (after buy)
screen shot:

[Image: 13063514809193570933.jpg]

Is there a way, i save items and users points and remove shop plugin , install again shop and undo items and users points ? Sad

RE: [Release] Shop 1.7 - Diogo Parrinha - 12-27-2013

Of course the points are negative, the Shop will not magically fix the negative points. Go to ACP -> NewPoints -> Maintenance -> Recount

RE: [Release] Shop 1.7 - SAEED.M - 12-28-2013

It's bad ... i recount points but after buying points are yet negative!

screenshot after recount:

[Image: 57829987442300123024.jpg]

RE: [Release] Shop 1.7 - Diogo Parrinha - 12-28-2013

I don't know what's wrong then...what are your thousands and decimal separators? That might be the cause...

RE: [Release] Shop 1.7 - SAEED.M - 12-28-2013

In the newpoint or in the forum ?

in the newpoints is comma (,) ...

I found something ... if i 50 points and buy a item(prince:10) , The remaining points is 30 ! This means that for 1 item will be deducted from my pay twice the price! Is this possible?

before buying my points is:
[Image: 52575499568278784486.jpg]

after buying my points is:
[Image: 78455677662211143013.jpg]

item prince is 23,000.0D!

what is this ?

RE: [Release] Shop 1.7 - Diogo Parrinha - 12-28-2013

Did you setup any forum rules?

I can't reproduce anything you've said on a localhost.

RE: [Release] Shop 1.7 - SAEED.M - 12-28-2013

no i'm not any rules for newpoints!

can i save newpoints_shop_item table in database (for Maintenance item) and remove and install again plugin and returns table ?

Is this ok?

RE: [Release] Shop 1.7 - Diogo Parrinha - 12-28-2013

That will only keep the items, and when uninstalling it will remove that table

RE: [Release] Shop 1.7 - gamingfan - 01-03-2014

How do I add items, I don't see an option to add them.

RE: [Release] Shop 1.7 - Diogo Parrinha - 01-03-2014

ACP -> NewPoints -> Shop