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RE: [Release] Shop 1.7 - Diogo Parrinha - 04-18-2013

If you want a discount of 10% you need to enter 0.9

RE: [Release] Shop 1.7 - Forces of Steel - 05-19-2013

(01-24-2013, 02:09 PM)Forces of Steel Wrote: Is there a way to manually organize items for displaying them on posts and profiles?

Here are a few examples of what I'm using your plugin for:
[Image: badge_thedeluge.png][Image: badge_dominator.png]
(01-24-2013, 08:43 PM)Pirata Nervo Wrote: No, unfortunately that hasn't been added yet.
I would love to see that feature implemented on the next release, hopefully. But if not, then at least make it easier for us to organize our items (e.g. alphabetically, by ID) -- instead of having to click to edit EACH item and sort them by number (it's quite a hassle, really, when you have one hundred items to sort). I don't mean to complain, but I also dislike the fact that newly-made items come AFTER previous ones, when displayed on posts and profiles.

RE: [Release] Shop 1.7 - hady - 05-19-2013

I get following error after upgrading to 1.9.8 version of newpoints
Fatal error: Cannot redeclare newpoints_check_permissions() in /home/****/public_html/forum/inc/plugins/newpoints/newpoints_shop.php on line 477
shop plugin version is 1.7

RE: [Release] Shop 1.7 - Diogo Parrinha - 05-19-2013

Your shop plugin version is not 1.7 because newpoints_check_permissions doens't exist in 1.7, only newpoints_shop_check_permissions

RE: [Release] Shop 1.7 - hady - 05-19-2013

Thanks, what should I do?
I have no access to my forum, every page displays the above error

RE: [Release] Shop 1.7 - Diogo Parrinha - 05-20-2013

Upload the 1.7 files correctly.

RE: [Release] Shop 1.7 - hady - 05-22-2013

Thanks very much, my problem solved but now I see the following error in plugins management of newpoints (in ACP):

function newpoints_check_permissions($groups_comma) { global $mybb; if ($groups_comma == '') return false; $groups = explode(",", $groups_comma); $add_groups = explode(",", $mybb->user['additionalgroups']); if (!in_array($mybb->user['usergroup'], $groups)) { // primary user group not allowed // check additional groups if ($add_groups) { if (count(array_intersect($add_groups, $groups)) == 0) return false; else return true; } else return false; } else return true; }

RE: [Release] Shop 1.7 - Diogo Parrinha - 05-23-2013

Screenshot please?

RE: [Release] Shop 1.7 - Xronize - 06-14-2013

What is the point of this plugin? I thought people could use points to enter a group but there is no option. SO whats the point?

RE: [Release] Shop 1.7 - MaxLionhart - 06-15-2013

Sir, can I ask onething?
Why can't we bought multi-thing at one? I means, I want to buy 100 rose-item. How can I created a text-box to input the number of rose that I want to buy?