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RE: [Release] Shop 1.6 - Diogo Parrinha - 04-22-2012

Hold CTR LEFT and then drag your mouse over the groups to select all of them. By the way, having that many groups is not good, especially when you have to keep up with permission management.

RE: [Release] Shop 1.6 - vampcentral - 04-29-2012

Sorry if this has been asked before, I did try and search, no luck.

2 Questions...

1) How to let users delete an item from their inventory? Note that if a user has multiple of an item in their inventory they would need the option of how many to delete.

2) How to NOT allow a user to send an item that was sent to them. Meaning if you buy a sendable item, you CAN buy it and send it. But if someone sends an item to you, you cannot send it to anyone else.

Thanks for this great plugin!

RE: [Release] Shop 1.6 - Diogo Parrinha - 04-29-2012

1) Not possible.
2) Not possible.

RE: [Release] Shop 1.6 - streetkilln - 05-09-2012

how do i put in my own items?

i go to add items

where it says Icon

what do i put? the url of the image?

where do i put the item image??

RE: [Release] Shop 1.6 - Diogo Parrinha - 05-09-2012

You put the path of the image - which must be in your server.

RE: [Release] Shop 1.6 - streetkilln - 05-10-2012

ok do u kno what size images i can use and were can i get some gift images?

RE: [Release] Shop 1.6 - Omar G. - 05-10-2012

(05-10-2012, 11:36 AM)streetkilln Wrote: ok do u kno what size images i can use and were can i get some gift images?

You are suppose to search your own files, and you can use any file size, they have to be uploaded to your server before anything anyways.

RE: [Release] Shop 1.6 - Giorgios - 05-15-2012

When I go to the Shop Settings in The ACP, I get this:

[Image: 14a0c3c1836b4427ab7688a.png]

RE: [Release] Shop 1.6 - Diogo Parrinha - 05-15-2012

Upload the language files to your language directory.

RE: [Release] Shop 1.6 - Hostpro - 06-11-2012


I just installed Shop 1.6 for Newpoints and in the ACP it shows all the boxes etc but without any writing to tell me what to put in the boxes. I'm guessing it's a missing / wrong language file or something. I have renamed my admin file from the standard default if that makes a difference?

Here's some images:

Does anybody know how to fix this?