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RE: [Release] Shop 1.5 - BreShiE - 09-26-2011

This seems like an amazing plugin, once I get some content for my site to add, I'll be using this. Great plugin mate, well done. Smile

RE: [Release] Shop 1.5 - nikacomp - 09-29-2011

My Mybb is Persian and when i installed Shop do not show any title
after it i made a "persian" folder in language directory
and upload translated english file
after when i go to shop setting it show me "Access not possible" , Why ?

RE: [Release] Shop 1.5 - Sexiest - 09-29-2011

What is the .php link for the navBar? I can Redirect it to The Shop.


RE: [Release] Shop 1.5 - Diogo Parrinha - 09-29-2011

@nikacomp I don't understand so can't help you sorry.
@sexiest try newpoints.php?action=shop

RE: [Release] Shop 1.5 - rrashbull - 09-30-2011

Pirata Nervo thanks for all your wonderful plugins but the shop 1.5 is not working by me. at the panel of adding item ti shows only some rows and no names no add buton nothing

RE: [Release] Shop 1.5 - Diogo Parrinha - 10-01-2011

What do you mean? You must add items from the ACP

RE: [Release] Shop 1.5 - rrashbull - 10-01-2011

Yes but at the shop in newpoints ACP dosent show the norml writing phrases like Add category, add item, del item nothing just some rows and white.
Could you please tell me the upgrade.php file that cames with the package where should be uploaded

RE: [Release] Shop 1.5 - Diogo Parrinha - 10-01-2011

Please upload the languages files to your language directory.

RE: [Release] Shop 1.5 - Glas - 10-09-2011

A suggestion:

Add a "last items" in index (like the last one in MyDownloads)

That would raise a lot the activity of the Shop
I've studied my forum and only 5 of 50 members enter the shop regulary

RE: [Release] Shop 1.5 - YoYoBallz - 10-18-2011

EDIT: Nevermind - fixed my problem myself

Thanks for the awesome plugin