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RE: [Release] Shop 1.5 - Diogo Parrinha - 01-29-2011

If I remember right, yes.

RE: [Release] Shop 1.5 - jcardy - 01-31-2011

can i hide the item icon in postbit? ItemsSadview all items) <<-- i want to display only this one.

RE: [Release] Shop 1.5 - Diogo Parrinha - 02-01-2011

Well edit the newpoints_postbit template and the remove the items variable from there. I can't remember if it will remove the view items too.

RE: [Release] Shop 1.5 - jcardy - 02-01-2011

got it.. thanks

RE: [Release] Shop 1.5 - cichociemny - 02-19-2011

I want add items with custom php code (like send PM with serial codes for my apps) in myplza its was easy but here... any1 help me ?
btw: sorry 4 my english Big Grin

RE: [Release] Shop 1.5 - Diogo Parrinha - 02-19-2011

The only thing you can do is set a PM to be sent to the buyer of the item.

RE: [Release] Shop 1.5 - Electrism - 02-22-2011

Hi, great plugin you have! I just have one question about it. I'm letting users buy goods such as domain names using this plugin but I need to know which user has bought the item. Is there a way to view the latest bought items?

RE: [Release] Shop 1.5 - Diogo Parrinha - 02-22-2011

Check the log and you'll see who bought what Smile

RE: [Release] Shop 1.5 - Electrism - 02-22-2011

Ah right forgot about that, thanks!

RE: [Release] Shop 1.5 - TheTrixta - 02-28-2011

I Cant Get This Installed Correctly Please Leave A Brief Summary On Installing This If You Will Im Im New To MyBB And I Can Get All Other Plugins Installed Except This One Help!!