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Pages: 1 2 3 is now opened! - Diogo Parrinha - 10-08-2009

Hello everyone,
I am pleased to announce that is finally opened to the public!

All plugins which were previously available at are now available here only.
All users have been copied so you don't lose your account.
Subscriptions have been copied as well, however, you SHOULD cancel your Console World subscription from the PayPal interface. (unless you want to have the new benefits at Console World)

All subscriptions have been renewed for one year at and once they expire, all subscribers will receive a private message informing them about the expiration.
However, if you want to renew your subscription, you'll need to re-subscribe. (just do it once it expires, there's no need to do it now)

From now on, use this board to discuss about my plugins and use console world for console related topics only. New things like tournaments will be added soon so you can participate if you want (at console world).

Thank you everyone and if you need something just post,
Pirata Nervo

RE: is now opened! - alvarorojas4 - 10-09-2009

I like this new forum Tongue

RE: is now opened! - DevilKid - 10-09-2009

Congratulations! Good work!

RE: is now opened! - Diogo Parrinha - 10-09-2009

Thanks guys, what happened to GMPoint Devilkid?

RE: is now opened! - DevilKid - 10-09-2009

It closed down and I've sold it to someone else, I am moving on to new website. (Will talk to you more in PM)

RE: is now opened! - spinning - 10-09-2009

Congratulations to your new forum.
I think it is a good idea to switch MyBB from Games, what means when this page keep updated lots of new members will come.
I think it's not ready yet, but maybe a good idea to do also the international (languages part).

RE: is now opened! - Rob1991 - 10-09-2009

Congrats and all that but why am i getting spammed with email about this? 6 in the past 2 hours.. All the same

RE: is now opened! - Diogo Parrinha - 10-09-2009

@Rob1991 sorry, it I forgot to cancel the mass mailing, I'm really sorry.
@spinning, thanks Smile

RE: is now opened! - eternalwolf - 10-09-2009

Nice! What are the benefits of having premium membership at ConsoleWorld?

RE: is now opened! - Diogo Parrinha - 10-09-2009

There are not benefits yet but there will be, but will be related to tournaments so most of you won't be interested I guess Tongue