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RE: NewPoints 1.9.2 - YoYoBallz - 10-18-2011

I love the plugin Pirata Nervo, thank you so much

EDIT: Nevermind fixed my problem myself Big Grin

RE: NewPoints 1.9.2 - Lowseling - 10-30-2011

I wanted to enter the number of dots on a page that is not described by the plugin. I created a page called panel.php where there are a few options. I tried to insert the string {$points} points to see if they appeared, but did not work. Can you tell me how?

RE: NewPoints 1.9.2 - Diogo Parrinha - 10-30-2011

I'm sorry, I don't understand. {$points} is not supposed to do anything

RE: NewPoints 1.9.2 - Lowseling - 10-30-2011

Then, I'll explain. I want to insert into a page of the forum the number of credits that the user has logged. The problem is that none of the variables I work out of the templates provided by the plugin! Got it?

RE: NewPoints 1.9.2 - Diogo Parrinha - 10-30-2011

Yes, please search a bit. It's been posted how to show the number of points of the user logged in.

RE: NewPoints 1.9.2 - Lowseling - 11-02-2011

Ok thanks Wink

RE: NewPoints 1.9.3 - Diogo Parrinha - 11-14-2011

1.9.3 is up

RE: NewPoints 1.9.3 - yiannitt - 11-15-2011

OH YAY. Remember? i was the person with the stuck shop! this should make it work. thanks Big Grin

RE: NewPoints 1.9.3 - Zakendavi - 11-22-2011

Wow thank you so much it is really amazing

RE: NewPoints 1.9.3 - Mario14125 - 11-26-2011

Question to Pirata Nervo:

What is the update to version 1.9.3?
Just change the files on a server or need to change the point system database?
Is it enough to change the files on the server?