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RE: NewPoints 1.8 - DJboutit - 05-13-2011

Can someone plz install newpoints 1.8 for me hit me up AIM DJboutit5 or Yahoo DJboutit12000

RE: NewPoints 1.8 - whocky - 05-28-2011

Please help, i have the latest version of mybb installed with newpints 1.8 though when i have installed it, i dont see the newpoints tab anywhere.

Everything is installed correctly though cant get it to work.



RE: NewPoints 1.8 - Diogo Parrinha - 05-28-2011

Did you upload the admin files to your admin dir?

RE: NewPoints 1.8 - whocky - 05-30-2011

Yeah i did that


I have now fixed this though find out what i was doing wrong. I have changed the admin folder to a different name, so when i uploaded the plugin it was going to the admin folder and not the folder i renamed it to. I uploaded it to the renamed folder and it works like a dream. will keep you posted on any other errors i may come across.


RE: NewPoints 1.8 - Mark Topper - 06-19-2011

Is it possible to add number of newpoints to the header_member template? And what code should I add?

RE: NewPoints 1.8 - Carolus Magnus - 06-20-2011

I think you would add the code that's in the postbit_classic template. I am pretty sure it is {$newpoints_postbit} or something. Tongue

RE: NewPoints 1.8 - Diogo Parrinha - 06-20-2011

@NoSource please to a bit of search, it's been posted multiple times here Smile

RE: NewPoints 1.9 - Diogo Parrinha - 07-04-2011

NewPoints 1.9 is up. The "stopped working" problem no longer exists, it was caused by something that was deleting NewPoints' settings in the settings table (I couldn't figure out what was it), NewPoints now copies its settings from newpoints_settings into the MyBB settings array so this problem should no longer happen.
For more info please check the first post.

RE: NewPoints 1.0 - Johny - 07-05-2011

(09-15-2009, 12:34 AM)Glas Wrote: 1. I do not agree that it's free, (no9t so important)

Don't even think about that.. lol

RE: NewPoints 1.9 - acidboy101 - 07-06-2011

Is there a way i can make it so that, when you purchase another item, you can set the one that you want to view on your posts? Undecided