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Starting Items? - Medz - 09-12-2009

is there a way I could edit anything to make new users start with a set of items? If theres an inventory editor, it should be possible.

RE: Starting Items? - Diogo Parrinha - 09-13-2009

It's possible but I don't recommend it. Anyway I can't take a look at the inventory moduel at the moment to tell you exactly what to edit/add.
By the way, only new users would get those items.

RE: Starting Items? - Medz - 09-13-2009

I know, but this feature is very much needed for the site im helping on. Well ill try on my own for now. If I encounter any issues can I ask you lol?

RE: Starting Items? - Diogo Parrinha - 09-13-2009

Take a look at how the income module adds points on registration. Instead of adding points, add items to the inventory of the user Tongue