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couple of questions - myp415 - 09-11-2009

I have a couple of questions:

1) Where are the settings that allow me to change the amount of income is given depending on the forum? I am pretty sure I read in the documentation that the option does exist...

2) What files should I be looking at to edit if I want to set it so users can't attack other users (in myRPG) unless they have bought a certain item? Also, I want to have it so those who have bought it can only attack those who have also bought the item.

Thanks for reading and thanks to everyone (esp Pirata Nervo) who developed the mod and the modules for it because it really is great.

RE: couple of questions - Diogo Parrinha - 09-11-2009

1) Income module settings

2) that's kinda complicated, I'd have to look at myrpg again and don't time atm

RE: couple of questions - myp415 - 09-12-2009

Ok thanks and don't worry about number 2 anymore, I decided not to go through with that.

edit: sorry, but I can't find the option under income options. Also, I was wondering where the general template files are for myplaza as well as where the code that calls the inventory items is so that I can add it to the user profile. I am pretty good with php myself, so I can figure it out, but I just need a nudge to what files I should be looking in.

edit again: ok I figured out the second part on my own again- just need help with finding the forum exceptions for income

RE: couple of questions - Diogo Parrinha - 09-12-2009

Oh forum exceptions, just edit a forum and you'll find an option to change the income rate. The same goes for user groups

RE: couple of questions - myp415 - 09-13-2009

Thank you Smile