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inventory - bompa - 09-03-2009


Sorry my englische is not zo good.

I try it

i have install myplaza on my site

onley i can not klik on the inventory items on de plaza.
[Image: inventory.JPG]
its like a dead link as i klik on that.

the site is


RE: inventory - Trinit - 09-03-2009

Shadows speaks dutch XD
Anyway I guess that you installed another theme.
If yes:

If you don't want to do it because it needs much time:
Install WAMP or XAMPP
Install Mybb on ur pc trough that program
Install ur theme
install myplaza
Click Export theme
install the theme on ur web forum

the second part seems so long but I guess that is shorter

RE: inventory - bompa - 09-03-2009

oke thxs its oke now
a have a wrong template