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Plugin Translations - Diogo Parrinha - 09-02-2009

In case you want to translate an exclusive plugin, make sure you read the whole post

Thread Title
[language] plugin name [version]

Thread Contents
Plugin Name: plugin name
Language: language
Version: version

Extra info if needed
The language files must be attached to the post, inside a zip or rar file.

Translations should be posted here:

Note: translations of exclusive plugins must not be posted anywhere else besides the forum mentioned above.

Thank you,
Pirata Nervo.

RE: Plugin Translations - evil38 - 07-27-2012

Plugin Name: Myshoutbox
Language: Portuguese (PT-PT)
Version: 1.7

RE: Plugin Translations - Glas - 07-27-2012

Nervo, that link moves you to 1.4

How about adding all translation in one forum, then insert it in final plugin release zip package then delete from forum?

That will make a much better system

I will be happy if all my translation were in final packages

RE: Plugin Translations - Diogo Parrinha - 07-27-2012

Not quite sure about what you're trying to say. This thread is in the 1.4 forum, so it is obvious that it will link you to a forum inside the 1.4 category.

RE: Plugin Translations - Glas - 07-27-2012

xD ho, nevermind then, anyway i insist on adding spanish translations to public packages