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VIP Membership 1.2 - Diogo Parrinha - 08-31-2009

Although everybody can see this section and its threads and posts, only gold subscribers can download attachments. Click here to subscribe.

Note: this is not an Instant PayPal Notification type of plugin.

Allows admins to move users to certain groups for a certain period of time and put them back to a group of their choice once the expiration date has passed.
Admins are PM'd when someone adds someone to a new membership.
Admins are PM'd when someone's membership expires.
Users whose membership expires, are alerted too. (via PM)




(the users listed are subscribers here but either have sent a direct payment to my paypal account or have a free subscription)


Change Log
* 1.2
Fixed bug in language file.

* 1.1
Added the possibility to run the query to check for expired memberships off task - recommended for large boards
Now you can add life time memberships by settings the year, month, days, hours, minutes and seconds fields to 0

Read the readme file.

The plugin is attached to this post.

RE: VIP Membership 1.0 - Shadows - 08-31-2009

Oh nice, this could come in handy for users who don't have a credit card and pay apart, using paypal Smile.

- Shadows.

RE: VIP Membership 1.0 - eternalwolf - 08-31-2009

Each plugin you make gets better and better. Keep up the good work Pirata!

RE: VIP Membership 1.0 - Lennart Sauter - 09-01-2009

My subscription ended 68 years ago *cry*

Good job Pirata Nervo, nice plugin!

RE: VIP Membership 1.0 - Diogo Parrinha - 09-01-2009

lol it's a problem with mybb's date format function.
I added 100 years and it shows up like that. Not a problem as the seconds in the database are correct Tongue
Thanks btw

RE: VIP Membership 1.1 - Diogo Parrinha - 09-01-2009

Updated to 1.1
@lennart, you're now life time Tongue

RE: VIP Membership 1.1 - Glas - 09-01-2009

i hear some game programmers who lived 102 years


RE: VIP Membership 1.1 - Andrew - 09-02-2009

oh my, my post question here is deleted.. Sad i'm just asking if we can a paypal button here like the one in this site's subscribe page? thank you.. sorry

RE: VIP Membership 1.1 - Diogo Parrinha - 09-02-2009

No, this is different. The only thing this does is move someone to another group for a certain period of time. So if someone sends you a direct paypal payment becuse his paypal is not verified (not verified = can't subscribe), you can still add a "subscription" to that user
Your post was deleted because of this:

RE: VIP Membership 1.1 - Andrew - 09-03-2009

I got it Pirata! thanks for the info.. if i didnt pm, im going to scream.. lol just kidding..

i hope i can get this plugin.. but you know whats my problem anyway.. too bad for me.. Sad