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RE: Help Center 1.4 - Kenny - 03-28-2010

Thank you very much for your quick support Pirata. Everything works fine now. Big Grin

RE: Help Center 1.4 - Diogo Parrinha - 03-28-2010

You're welcome and thank you for reporting bugs Smile

RE: Help Center 1.4 - MaaV - 03-28-2010

Yes thank you so much, everything works fine now.

RE: Help Center 1.4 - DAMINK - 03-28-2010

Yep i can also confirm its all running perfect. Great work Pirata.

RE: Help Center 1.4 - Diogo Parrinha - 03-29-2010

Thanks guys, report any bugs you may find please

RE: Help Center 1.4 - DAMINK - 03-29-2010

Just curious Pirata or anyone else that can help.
When a member puts a help request in and it gets a reply well they get a pm reply.
Currently its like this.

Quote: MyBB Engine

New reply
To: test DAMINKâ„¢ has replied to ticket #1 whose title is test.

Now i would really like to be able to put a link to the help request in question inside the sent pm.
Is this possible at all?

RE: Help Center 1.4 - Diogo Parrinha - 03-30-2010

Yes it's possible.
In the language files, find:
PHP Code:
$l['helpcenter_send_pm_newreply'] = '{1} has replied to ticket #{2} whose title is {3}'

Replace with:
PHP Code:
$l['helpcenter_send_pm_newreply'] = '{1} has replied to <a href="helpcenter.php?action=viewticket&tid={2}">ticket #{2}</a> whose title is {3}'

Hope it works

RE: Help Center 1.4 - iamazn - 04-09-2010

Wheres the place to send a ticket?

RE: Help Center 1.4 - DAMINK - 04-09-2010

(04-09-2010, 12:19 PM)iamazn Wrote: Wheres the place to send a ticket?

Just make a link to /helpcenter.php

That will have links to creating tickets etc.
Also i just tried to download it again. (I am having some small problems) and got a weird screen. No download at all.
Here is some of what i saw instead of download.
�������ø{t @���›�� q6èýs;3� ���Help Center 1.4\license.txt�°àpr Ù ÍÕÁSÞ…àë€SwÆ’Z/›ËᾎHöD7¤Ý²÷ªø“[sTd ¦ð¶†f}˜— ‰E‰¿'‡ïÜ?{/5!&é²ïº¶4~SH\À*ôÿp‰ª¾¡Xrt<dߺO8æý\` øµè#I-±ì!böw÷hyëïí4O_ÃŽ0&†ÿBÐâƒÈáõSø±>(µ!í€|YÚüüXÃC u
Yeðdg^€ƒ _ÜæËkosF|æÇê�ØŒ
ÐÅîU †<ü¾’ÄIdÕ§]Çyk ­1£9Çü5Š¥2£eQ“á×Ä0±|S9-LFf®­¸åÐõ(òëDkp"¦="5_÷`nn3¨œö{>òvt ?�²��$��Øó¾á|“n<3� ���Help Center 1.4\readme.txt�ð¦Í ÌÍÍÁ[ށ~o_ ÝEiÉÝ|lð Häî ;˜²[}Å H¤È…"%5É/Òèç/6Ñ)î”Ói¾@¾É"´îîfæãøÞoúwtèÏÀ`ƒ�ρö!§a”JŠ²Flö
h4d†²e:ŠÂ“ãeçLoÙ’Ç­G—39Éü“ÛËËùâÔsrðC4ŸÁ¡YÃœkDÓ2Ž|xêÒAgZPj’¤GæcKÃœxšý]á<×Kˆ¨Ë‰ÔPööf ˆöÀê(MZÔ”¡ÐÆ-„S)ç$‰þ×}}=0 ³¼³–SL1øSCl¦ª,Í•ÏfýäéS‰wDlà.±4ñlézq•²¬a?sÛ¶|Æ’‡ƒä߯¢Öˆ¼5?Zó-üû1]ˆ™ +½hGˆºñUcÌûµKö>`XÆÇ×Ùpž4Ã…H‚·Ñ>™†—Ç0ÜÕ7™œÔQaGKë…Ž`)¨uMæâê]ˆ£Ûsbæ—ô»Ž0ñ•*áøÜ3ãùì2y}ìÆ‹\w'ÙWh%õ¬‰°õ–è¢[[üV›ukÂ(oÕÅÒ‚Ùt·ª_ýñDÕÿ¼+ž¡Ž15pcx\þ^þF¶«zö¢\1ÀÛÒº7üá¿{X*‡Çåâ
/‰©·šD¡Ê*ü¦¤¥é:´Órû´L§|#MÐüõ“)1~š›CÊ×>x2¿OVòß ,\㘽X5ëÔ)P ©_+ð¿-ú!n=®@zŠß•†×$æ4oÞ?l"U|Çí„pO_4ášj¿/fâD”¾;Wn¨7�âDèëì·1«;µÕ·qËÒ8I®ã>šþO÷ãeÎ¥åcú
æu¿Ólþ6øOݸšÅ~¡÷$4A?#Ú¾ˆÝ£»0°fýñ l;¶0Húæ.ÃöE,z‡gp,¡·R‰Ÿeö”©‹˜om€Ñà"Ì2ácq÷ƒÚîö¸w³Bemke Úw5þöØ<ÿ[ƒPP^”’Ù´éUཱིQ¼‚á aùÔçù!ƒÄ=¿yüôm«:3]«+½ÛáY[»ÁÔ†™n «BDbÑt ®„ »wuÀ¯ò
Å~×$.ã³|óÛ¢_ÕÁ0/È zæDˆ\žé<ül[¾]Í¢<dîf!ø1{
9ø_n03 qO=ÍìõúÿÓA'ò]çÒg`þ‰´×ª‹ÿÊnw ;Õq5§ô€bèt P�Tÿ��v!�þ{T–i;3+� ���Help Center 1.4\Screenshots\screenshot1.png�ð ³x!™]•U”
Y”E!AI¨8-(àÊ&HRZ8!£‚ªŽ AHD*!NHRMÛ:Î|Ƴœc 5éÝ­§ßÀèô~«ýW¿wî ¿Å»àKuïÿëàpªŠIbâ¤B¾ØMLHVÿ»Èùûb¢bÿN¥\GúÞ5d´o>×€‹B*Š/ùUE u±øûüÅÿÈbçúþðüÛè}üwMHEWxõnÌ
1+ä[w7ó>”ŠEùùŠŠ½¥”ŒL3¢f¡ò`•‚ï}VÑ^yºØ&j’)j±!¤U·§LòÒ®!‡d…jÓ¼©‚¾|Ÿ‡ÙB®í-÷v}ù‹#Ÿ÷Nc¸7‡ ]ðøæœÿàË7¿[ññŸ½ü¢â¥÷—‰»1bºÿaéíï¢ß¬mê¢=磻µ¿ZŒîþ)õïŽûñO¯d›D“6ÁP�‹hšºÌ‹ý0‡ûÿF^>Ê€ ›Þd>ºœÝ—ëSO¾k†}b^ƒÿ¯Ûš!Ñèîçù¡‰Ü¨Ø?OYGŽùû4szš–xd1TØ­¨—›ò—·’üÒö/UÛr+Ìé)0M áxðŸñ²ô8àb"*Ϛñ’ç’Šû{8:¶X^ȦgâHCËy8ëñ‚ôöál0­úÏ2ùîÛ-gñºnÐéåйŠ}YÃœsý™öD`mýH.;ìˆüj,©OÊß)ž©“Öd„‰<ªRB�*â™l;ÔÂòMR¬×zù渋6&ƬËi=3Ùß㄃Sðí5m²jŸÓëij§_±°�Mq‹â{øWê’êk*Õþ[ëlà¤-X·ö‹d')Û÷o3”Û!rv:Â¥CNyDü¥ðÜ_'?žý¯’ÆóÊÐùT×-d×MIPbv¿µpwÍÎõÕ®Ík7Ùþt±Î/ ‡^…=€w{[fÅ’9u¬þuGîŒ<^£Ýv„äáFâBI‡ÿô-ëÔE ˆô¾Êˁü¡öƒ‰Gö~vBHÅ“bËBN¸íko¥¶ÕDZž„‰s£@¸DÙÊ{êø¾ðg¾fØy½;872n¼´ÜŠŠ‰ôKÀšº¼xüº
ƒ÷V}3s³Ä!ðQïä: ï¯r&àT¼„†,{>{Ê \âc9·ô{¶°×›íÇâĤ®!8-Û¹göÖŸ,Ÿœ‘¸=Ba—gnjKÅ“ #^«ÌRÁ7È GhÄ

I did try other downloads and they were fine.

RE: Help Center 1.4 - Diogo Parrinha - 04-09-2010

@DAMINK, interesting, I have the same problem. Seems to be fixed now