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[Spanish] Extended Buddy System [1.0] - Glas - 08-22-2009


To install this plugin just replace all content in /inc/languages/english/extended_buddy.lang.php with the code below
Para instalar este plugin, reemplazen todo el contenido en /inc/languages/english/extended_buddy.lang.php con el codigo que aparece abajo.
CLARO ESTA que si usan mybb en español deben cambiar el nombre de la carpeta english a espanol (N NO Ñ), quedaria asi..

Cualquier duda, posteen aqui y sera resuelta


$l['extended_buddy'] = 'Amigos';
$l['extended_buddy_buddies_of'] = 'Amigos de {1}';
$l['extended_buddy_no_buddies'] = 'Este usuario no tiene amigos.';
$l['extended_buddy_view_all'] = "Ver los {1} amigos de este usuario.";
$l['extended_buddy_never'] = 'Nunca';
$l['extended_buddy_lastactive'] = 'Ultima vez en linea:';
$l['extended_buddy_postnum'] = 'Posts:';
$l['extended_buddy_rep'] = 'Reputacion:';
$l['extended_buddy_status'] = 'Estado:';
$l['extended_buddy_online'] = '<span style="color: #00AA00">En linea</span>';
$l['extended_buddy_away'] = '<span style="color: #995522">Ocupado</span>';
$l['extended_buddy_offline'] = '<span style="color: #888888">Desconectado</span>';
$l['extended_buddy_contact'] = 'Contactar';
$l['extended_buddy_find'] = 'Buscar';
$l['extended_buddy_pm'] = 'Enviar PM';
$l['extended_buddy_email'] = 'Email';
$l['extended_buddy_send_request'] = '<a href="{1}/member.php?action=profile&amp;buddies_action=sendrequest&amp;uid={2}&amp;my_post_key={3}" />Agregar amigo</a>';
$l['extended_buddy_already_friend'] = 'Ya es tu amigo.';
$l['extended_buddy_already_sent'] = 'Ya le has pedido a este usuario que sea tu amigo, Espera hasta que el tome una decision.';
$l['extended_buddy_requestsent'] = 'Has pedido a este usuario ser tu amigo.<br />Recibiras un mensaje privado avisandote si te acepto o no';
$l['extended_buddy_requestsent_title'] = 'Admision pedida';
$l['extended_buddy_invalid_user'] = 'Usuario Invalido.';
$l['extended_buddy_send_pm_rejected_title'] = 'Amistad Rechazada';
$l['extended_buddy_send_pm_rejected'] = '{1} No acepto ser tu amigo.';
$l['extended_buddy_send_pm_accepted_title'] = 'Amistad aceptada';
$l['extended_buddy_send_pm_accepted'] = '{1} acepto ser tu amigo.';
$l['extended_buddy_send_pm_newrequest_title'] = 'Alguien quiere ser tu amigo';
$l['extended_buddy_send_pm_newrequest'] = '{1} Quiere ser tu amigo. Para aceptarlo o rechazarlo, Anda al panel de control y entra a "Mis Amistades".';
$l['extended_buddy_not_available'] = '^^ Sistema de amistades en mantencion.';
$l['extended_buddy_send_pm_removed_title'] = 'Perdiste a un amigo!';
$l['extended_buddy_send_pm_removed'] = '{1} dejo de ser tu amigo.';
$l['extended_buddy_waiting'] = 'Ya has pedido ser amigo de este usuario, espera a que el acepte o te rechaze.';
$l['extended_buddy_request_sent'] = 'Pedido de amistad(es) Enviadas.';
$l['extended_buddy_pending_requests'] = 'Ver Amistades pendientes1';
$l['extended_buddy_friend_requests'] = 'Mis Amistades';
$l['extended_buddy_senttoyou'] = 'Amistades pedidas a ti';
$l['extended_buddy_sentbyyou'] = 'Amistades pedidas por ti';
$l['extended_buddy_accept'] = 'Aceptar';
$l['extended_buddy_reject'] = 'Rechazar';
$l['extended_buddy_action'] = 'Accion';
$l['extended_buddy_from_username'] = 'De';
$l['extended_buddy_to_username'] = 'Para';
$l['extended_buddy_waiting_approval'] = '<span class="smalltext">Esperando ser aceptado/rechazado.</span>';
$l['extended_buddy_no_requests'] = 'No hay pedidos de amistad pendientes.';
$l['extended_buddy_requestaccepted'] = 'Has aceptado el pedido de amistad.';
$l['extended_buddy_requestaccepted_title'] = 'Amistad aceptada';
$l['extended_buddy_requestrejected'] = 'Has rechazado el pedido de amistad.';
$l['extended_buddy_requestrejected_title'] = 'Amistad rechazada';
$l['extended_buddy_cant_add_friends'] = 'Al menos uno de los usuarios que elegiste ya es tu amigo.';
$l['extended_buddy_already_yourfriend'] = 'Este usuario ya es tu amigo.';


RE: [Spanish] Extended Buddy System 1.0 - Diogo Parrinha - 08-22-2009

Make sure you tell in your post that it this is only a translation and tell how to "install" it Smile By the way, you can just talk in spanish if here if you want to. This is only for spanish people. If you get more spanish members to post here, would be great Smile

RE: [Spanish] Extended Buddy System 1.0 - Glas - 08-22-2009


RE: [Spanish] Extended Buddy System 1.0 - Diogo Parrinha - 08-22-2009

Great Tongue By the way, its not the code 'above' ,it's below Tongue

RE: [Spanish] Extended Buddy System [1.0] - Diogo Parrinha - 09-02-2009

I've moved the exclusive plugin translation threads to the new translations forum.
Please, update the first post with the proper formatting, for more info read this thread:

Thank you for taking your time to translating them.