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View Groups 1.3 - Diogo Parrinha - 08-17-2009

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Displays existing user groups on the index page, below the who's online list.
You can set which user groups are not shown in the index page (these groups can't be accessed from index.php?action=viewgroups&gid=GROUPID_HERE either)
You can set how many users to display per page in index.php?action=viewgroups&gid=GROUPID_HERE
You can choose if groups are clickable or not. If not, they can't be viewed from index.php?action=viewgroups&gid=GROUPID_HERE either


View group members page


Changes since 1.1
Separates group leaders from regular members even if group leaders are not part of the group. (as MyBB allows users to be leaders even if they are not part of the group they are leaders of)

Changes since 1.0
Fixed a problem in a query that would get invalid users if you had more than 19 groups on your forum.

Re-upload files

Download is attached to this post.

RE: View Groups 1.1 - Diogo Parrinha - 08-17-2009

Updated to 1.1. Fixed a query problem

RE: View Groups 1.2 - Diogo Parrinha - 08-17-2009

Updated to 1.2

RE: View Groups 1.2 - DamYan - 08-19-2009

Great plugin, like Usergroups legend.
Will you add colors set (based on groups settings)?

RE: View Groups 1.2 - Diogo Parrinha - 08-19-2009

It already supports, but here on the forums I don't use any style for groups besides the banned group which is striked.

RE: View Groups 1.2 - Glas - 08-24-2009

nervo there is a bug
in View Groups
you forgot to edit /inc/plugins/viewgroups.php

"version" => "1.0",

So plugin checker says it's not updated

RE: View Groups 1.2 - Diogo Parrinha - 08-24-2009

Damn I keep forgetting to update the version. Thanks Tongue

RE: View Groups 1.2 - Lennart Sauter - 08-31-2009

Nice plugin so far, I have a question...

Can I update this so I can have a small description about the usergroup on the page?
Or would you like to add that for me? Smile

Lennart Sauter

RE: View Groups 1.2 - Diogo Parrinha - 08-31-2009

I'm too busy at the moment but yeah you can update it as long as you don't redistribute it(I'm sure you won't, I trust you).

RE: View Groups 1.2 - Lennart Sauter - 08-31-2009

I don't want to and I won't therefor Wink
Thanks for permission, I'll go for it once I finished the new design...