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Withdrawing Errors - Calvin - 08-08-2009

I've been using MyPlaza for a while and it's been pretty good overall.

But the main problem is that lately, the bank system does not work. When I try to withdraw even $1, it says You don't have enough money to buy this system. What's up?

RE: Withdrawing Errors - Trinit - 08-08-2009

How many money you have in bank?

If it says for example 1,300.22

Try to write 1300 if you wanna take 1,300

Maybe you write some dots or commas wrong

RE: Withdrawing Errors - Diogo Parrinha - 08-08-2009

You need 10 in hand in order to widthdraw money, it's a fee. You can change this fee in bank options

RE: Withdrawing Errors - Trinit - 08-08-2009

I hope he had 10 in hand before trying o.o