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Access Denied Problem - Joomla12 - 07-28-2009

I just got my forum up and running and decided that I wanted MyPlaza for it. I was gonna use ZiNgA's but it's rather outdated and he's on vacation so no support....Well I found Turbo (excellent job) and installed and activated it. When I try to edit my modules or anything in the ACP, I get a message telling me that I don't have access to that part of the ACP. I'm the webmaster but the second user (first admin uploaded the forum for me). Is that the problem or is it something else?

RE: Access Denied Problem - Diogo Parrinha - 07-28-2009

Yeah that might be the problem. Go to admin permissions - Users and Groups tab. and then make sure you can use myplaza turbo.
Anyway, MyPlaza by zinga doesn't work on MyBB 1.4.x that's why I ported it and named it MyPlaza Turbo

RE: Access Denied Problem - Joomla12 - 07-28-2009

Yeah, I found out. Thanks for the port, btw.

I'll try that