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RE: MyDownloads 1.1 - Diogo Parrinha - 09-10-2009

Great, if you need anything else, just ask Smile

RE: MyDownloads 1.1 - rapid - 09-11-2009

I think there are some things missing from this. On the Submit Download page, below:

Quote:Download file:
Select the download file to upload.

There should also be below another option like:

Quote:Download link/s:
Copy and paste download link/s here

There should also be an option also if you have more than one file to upload.

Example: If I have just created one file sized at 500mb then this will have to be split into 5 parts as most file hosting websites only allow 100mb max file size. So I will need space to add five download links or files to the submit page.

Ability to add more fields for links and file submissions (just like in Mybb when adding attachments)

For me this is necessary and eliminates the need to upload files to your server as I have nearly 4GB to upload and my host only allows me 3GB.

So I don't wish to clog up the server.

Hope this is a good idea Shy

RE: MyDownloads 1.1 - Diogo Parrinha - 09-11-2009

Did you read the posts above yours? Wink
As for multi file uploading, I don't plan on adding that

RE: MyDownloads 1.1 - rapid - 09-11-2009

Oh yes, didn't read post before sorry.

Ok well I can get round not having url fields, but having multi file uploading is a must I think. As I am the only one who will be using this feature on the forum would you be able to help me add the multi file uploading feature?

RE: MyDownloads 1.1 - Diogo Parrinha - 09-11-2009

It's not that easy and atm I'm really busy with a big plugin and can't help you sorry.
For multi upload, most of the uploading part would need to be recoded to accept multiple files and the database would need to be edited too, language files and other things

RE: MyDownloads 1.1 - rapid - 09-11-2009

Ok, so its a big job to add multi upload feature, didn't think it would be that much of work. No worries then, thanks.

Curious question - When you were making this plugin did you choose just to have one single upload section? Cause I would of thought that doing a multi file feature would of come into mind first?

What file types are we allowed to use?

RE: MyDownloads 1.1 - Diogo Parrinha - 09-11-2009

I just thought about single uploading as I didn't about this to be used on a "file uploader and file sharing website".
You're allowed to upload all attachment types you create in the attachment types page

RE: MyDownloads 1.1 - rapid - 09-12-2009

Thanks, am a bit disappointed that there isn't a multi function but I understand.

RE: MyDownloads 1.1 - DamYan - 09-21-2009

I've found small bug.

Number of files in subcategory is invalid. Probably this is the number of downloads of files in subcategory.

--- edit ---

And another. Something is wrong with PNG transparency. When I'm adding PNG image like a preview, it doesn't have transparent backgroud (in file background is set to transparent). The same image file, when I'm viewing it as a full image, everything is OK.
I tried on Firefox, K-Meleon (based at Mozilla), Opera, IE.

RE: MyDownloads 1.1 - Diogo Parrinha - 09-22-2009

That's the way thumbnails are created.
Can't be bothered to look at it now. And it's not actually a bug, the same should happen with MyBB.

And about that number of invalid downloads, I can't help you obviously. I don't know what did you did soo..