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Forms/Fields - shaks786 - 06-18-2009

Hi, I have a post2host forum, and on the plaza I let people buy additional features for their hosting. But I need a field on the item where users can type their domain, and then when they buy their domain, i get a PM saying what they bought and what they typed in the "form".
Is there a module out for this? if not, can someone make it?


RE: Forms/Fields - Diogo Parrinha - 06-18-2009

Send a Private Message to Ricardo-San, I remember helping him creating a module like that
Edit: try this

RE: Forms/Fields - shaks786 - 06-18-2009

ok so how do i create multiple items using SPMU?

and i cant pm ricardo san Sad
Quote:Please correct the following errors before continuing:

* Ricardo-san has reached their private message quota so your message could not be sent.

RE: Forms/Fields - Diogo Parrinha - 06-18-2009

I don't know, you should ask for help in the SPMU thread. You can easily modify SPMU to match your needs

RE: Forms/Fields - Shadows - 06-18-2009

I think SPMU is what you want, replied to that thread.

Thank you,
- Shadows.