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[req] Inventory Suggestions - NUNY - 05-24-2009

Maybe for the next version of the Inventory module, would it be possible to show some items (large icons) in the profile? There would be a setting in the AdminCP to specify how many would be displayed.

Good idea?

RE: [req] Inventory Suggestions - Diogo Parrinha - 05-24-2009

I don't think so. Maybe just like in the postbit but not large icons.
MyPlaza Turbo 0.3.0 is being tested by my Beta Testers, all modules have been updated to work properly with it.
I might release it next weekend

RE: [req] Inventory Suggestions - kaixer - 06-18-2009

i think display inventory module in profile better than postbit...

it;s too crowded in postbit with myplaza point etc...