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Inventory link in profile - Trinit - 05-24-2009

I wanna put the inventory link in the profile!
I guess that i must create a table and... wich variable i must insert?

Thank you ^^

RE: Inventory link in profile - Shadows - 05-24-2009

Ehm lol.
Just go to the postbit templates
check which {$****} it uses to display [View Inventory]
then go to the template member_profile or sth liddat.
Copy paste it where you want to display it Tongue.


seems the var {$post['invitems']} displays both items & the inventory link, but you can always try it.
Double post
Ok tried to do it at your forums.
BUT: pirata didn't hook up the {$post['invitems']} for the member_profile it seems >_> so you won't be able to do it, sadly.
- Shadows.